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New Wineskins
2010 Spring Conference - Luke 5:27-39

Chris Thacker - Theme Interpretation
Jarrett Banks - Conference Sermon

 Tom Smith and James Welch telling faith stories Wineskin

Like old friends on the back porch sharing what God is doing in their
lives, the main feature of our conference was the telling of stories.

Lynn Clayton, Lee Weems, John Henson

Tom Smith and James Welch began the sharing on Friday night, followed by others on Saturday: Lynn Clayton, Lee Weems, John Henson, Ike Mayfield, Mark Carroll, Joe Alain, Stephanie Vance, Shannon Rutherford, David Crocker and Red Kennedy.

Stephanie Vance, Mark Carroll, Shannon Rutherford

Frank Stagg used to tell us the purpose of Acts was to tell the story
of an "unhindered Gospel," of the Holy Spirit moving over, around and beyond obstacles in the going forth of the Kingdom

Ike MayfieldRed Kennedy, Joe Alain

That became the theme of theses testimonies. Following God in
New Wineskin obedience to overcome racial and economic barriers
even when it means old wineskins must break. We heard the stories
of women determined to answer God's call to ministry, of those ministering through and despite natural disaster, the challenge
of those called to start new churches or revitalize old. And we heard
of God's faithfulness even through the dark shadow of grief

Spring Assembly is the Louisiana Fellowship major annual gathering.  This conference is a time of renewal and recharging of batteries, re-connecting with friends, and meeting new sisters and brothers.  Worship, food, sharing ideas, laughter and concern—together we come as co-laborers, discovering again “the reason for the hope that is within.”

Spring Assembly 2010 was held at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Alexandria April 9-10.

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Stagg-Tolbert Forum for Biblical Studies

Forum 2007Forum 2007Forum 2007

The Stagg-Tolbert Forum for Biblical Studies is an annual event designed to make excellence in biblical scholarship accessible to the lay person. Named in honor of two renowned Louisiana Baptist biblical scholars, Dr. Frank Stagg and Dr. Malcolm Tolbert, the Forum is held in October. Dr. Tolbert was the featured speaker at the inaugural meeting in 2004. Fisher H. Humphries followed in 2005, Al Staggs in 2006, Bill Coates in 2007 and Walter Shurden in 2008. To read excerpts or hear Shurden's 2008 presentation click here.

See information on Malcolm Tolbert's recent book.

The Fall 2009 series was held at Broadmoor - BatonRouge and featured Colleen Burroughs. For more on the '09 Forum click here.

The 2010 Forum will be Saturday, October 16 at Emmanuel - Alexandria and will feature Dr. Terry York.

Colleen Burroughs

Stagg-Tolbert Forum 2009

Bill Coates, 2007 SpeakerMalcolm Tolbert

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National Events

The Fellowhsip holds its national gathering or Assembly each summer in a remarkable time of fellowship, worship, learning and celebration. Next year's dates are June 24-25, 2010, in Charlotte, N.C .Come meet friends from Louisiana and get to know national partners. Information and registration wil be at

Incomparable W.C. Fields speaking at State Meeting of Memphis Assembly

Mission Events

Volunteer mission opportunities are available through our Together For Hope Rural Poverty Initiative and through our Partnership with the Fellowship Romany (Gypsy) mission work in Europe of missionaries Keith Holmes and Mary Van Rheenen. Stay up to date on events and needs/opportunities through our newsletter and web site. If you have a particular interest and wish to get involved contact us at: